mothers day 2012

I slowly peeled one eye open as a little hand tapped on my arm. “mummy!” came the stage whisper, “are you AWAKE yet?”. I think I must have been conscious enough to nod, because two little pairs of feet were flying up the hallway, and I could hear chairs being dragged, plates rattled and glasses pulled from drawers. Husband rolled out of bed with a groan, and I heard hurried consultations, and then the small feet whizzed past again, returned with a bag of gifts wrapped in hand drawn paper, followed by a reluctantly-drawn-from-bed little brother. All three small people perched on my bed as I opened their gifts. A new tin of pencils from Bear “because you’re the best drawer, mummy”, a stainless steel drink bottle from Bubba Boy “so you don’t get thirsty”, and a ball of wool from Butterfly, which can only be described as interesting, as you would expect from letting an 18 month old loose in the yarn aisle. With gifts duly admired and placed safely on the bedside table, breakfast was produced, complete with a pretty little flower, and coffee, nectar of the gods. Bear also thought I might get a bit bored, so very kindly went and brought me back a book. All in all, I was very spoilt by my beautiful family!


My mind is running in a million different directions at the minute, after a busy day yesterday going to mummy groups and getting swap parcels in the mail and working for the afternoon, and no time for craftiness and creating. I have two new fabric collections on the run. I have spent this morning getting my etsy shop up and running to my satisfaction. A 3am inspiration strike is slowly taking shape. Admin and housework are calling, having been ignored all morning in favour of hanging with my small people, reading stories in the sun, and baking vegemite scrolls. I’d kill for a coffee, but we are out of milk and I’m not sure I can be faffed going to the shops. I’m hoping to race through some must-do jobs now the children are finally asleep, so I can get stuck into some want-to-do jobs before they awake. This afternoon I’ve promised a boy some digger craft, so I feel a recycling pile raid coming on. Maybe some painting in the sun for them and for me. A quick tidy of my desk so I can squeeze in a moment of two of sewing as the afternoon progresses. A girl can dream! Going to keep rolling while the mojo’s hot and the to-do list is shrinking. Hello Wednesday, let’s do this!

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