After nearly two years of both boys having their afternoon naps together, the time came to put a stop to Bear’s nap time. Much to mummy’s disappointment, as I had become quite accustomed to my little slice of ‘me time’ of an afternoon.

So to ensure our now non-sleeping boy had the energy to make it to dinner time with a minimum of tantrums, I introduced “quiet time”. The general idea was for him to gather a little basket of toys, a couple of books, and settle himself in the corner of my studio as I pottered.

Unfortunately, Bear could talk with a mouthful of marbles underwater, so quiet time generally comes with a running commentary of what he is doing. Quiet time is very rarely “quiet”. But a couple of days ago, the little voice in the corner went strangely quiet. A few moments later the chatter resumed, and later that afternoon I discovered what had captivated his attention long enough to stem the torrent of conversation.

The precious little chap started arranging my pins by colour. Big pile of mummy mush I was, when I saw that.

It’s 4.30 am Monday morning, and I’m blogging as I cuddle a tiny girl, her sleep disturbed by a blocked nose. I’m hoping it clears quickly, and nap times today carry on as usual. I have a little painting in mind. And a quilt to start. A mini book in progress. A spot of toddler craft. And if Butterfly won’t settle, well, I’ll just have to spend the day cuddling one babe and playing with the other. Tough gig, but someone has to do it. Happy Monday! (Now who’s got the coffee?)

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