Toddler Craft

Is so much fun!

Last week, we made a cash register:

This was a huge hit, and now lives in the bottom drawer of our kitchen for easy access. It’s not really visible in the photo, but on the right hand side I have taped a ruler, as in the toddler’s world, the only way of paying for things is with a card! LOL, I even made him up some play money, but even after we “pay” in cash, and I give him change, he still whips out his card to pay, and go “beep, beep beep” on the buttons! Talk about a modern child!


This morning we made critters:

Who knew that quarter of an egg carton could be so much fun? They munched their way across the carpet (complete with sound effects from DS), before coming to rest next to a small boy’s lunch, where they were offered some “toasht” (with ham & cheese), for “yunch”. I wasn’t previously aware that critters were a tad partial to ham & cheese toast, but apparently it’s the lunch of choice!


We both had a lot of fun making these little projects, and they have brought just as much fun as store bought toys. This, and the fact the current favourite “toy” in the sandpit is a laundry powder scoop, has really made me re-evaluate things, and remind me that all the plastic toys in the world can’t replace a bit of quality craft time, and probably aren’t as interesting 10 minutes later!

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