Where’d my baby go? A Beetle quilt update {blogtoberfest day 16}

A few days more than one whole year ago, I stood alone in my kitchen, a stunning quilt before me, and cried, overwhelmed with thankfulness and love for a wonderful group of ladies I am blessed to call my friends. 368 days later, I laid it out in the same spot, I grabbed the now very active toddler, and wrestled with him for some photos. I sat down to edit them. I read over the original post. And once more, I teared up. To each and every one of you who contributed to Beetle’s birth quilt, I hope you know how truly treasured your masterpiece is.

I have to say. Photographing a sweet, sleepy 5 week old is a much easier proposition than photographing a cheeky, very active 13 month old. Like when I tried to get a laying down shot similar to the original.

LWD-7184-003 LWD-7187-004 LWD-7218-009


Or tried to recreate a smoochy kind of selfie. Doesn’t he look thrilled to be cuddling me?



So we kind of changed tactics and settled for one a bit different. I have no words for how happy this photo makes me.LWD-7210-006


C’mon mama, who wants to take photos when there are gardens to explore!



But then, that’s what growing up is all about, isn’t it? Changing our perspective. Keeping what we cherish most close by but allowing the present to be celebrated and recorded. He may not have laid down and acted the baby. What he did do, was give me a fun game as we rolled around the grass, and in the end, some photos that I adore, not of the baby he was, but the boy he has become.LWD-7182-002 LWD-7178-001

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