Yes, sir, I do have a note from my mother…

Well, not really, but, dearest blog, will you forgive me for being absent for far too long?

Creatively, life has been pretty flat lately, not from lack of project, nor of mojo,  but with various goings-on conspiring to keep me out of my disgustingly-untidy studio. However, on Saturday, with the realisation that the next day was mothers day, and that my sole responsibility was to produce a card for the maternal parental unit (3 thumbs up for chipping in on sister dearest’s present!), I threw caution to the wind, chucked the bulldozer into ‘drive’, and managed to plow a path from door to desk. Surprisingly, I managed to to find not only inspiration but supplies in the various piles which surrounded me.



The backing paper inspired the green hearts, which were three-dimensional – mounted on chipboard & machine-stitched around the edge – something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I’m pretty chuffed with the end result.



Mothers Day for me was delightful, with my three boys spoiling me rotten. A ridiculously indulgent but long-wished-for gift, wrapped in paper decorated by my favourite 3 foot artist. Breakfast of my choosing, cooked to perfection. The sweetest card made by husband and children, complimented by freshly picked roses. Snuggles, kisses, games. No housework. No sleep-in, more’s the pity, but it also means more time to spend with those I cherish most.



With both boys asleep, I’ve got big plans for this afternoon. Sewing, and the satisfaction of seeing my very own design come to life. Photography & the stretching of my creative muscles as I learn new techniques. Plotting & planning for future projects. Some baking, a bit of housework, and wishing my children awake to run in sunshine, loving, laughing, remembering how truly blessed we are.


Joy in every moment, even the teary ones. Joy in each other, in God, in life, in creating and doing and being. Let’s rock this Monday!

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