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So this week, I may have discovered the joy of tv via iTunes (well, I’m not THAT far behind the times, I *knew* about it, but hadn’t realised how easy & reasonably priced it was). First up has been season 8 of How I Met Your Mother, of which I have seen exactly NONE – thank you channel seven for your crappy programming “skills”. It’s been brilliant, I’ve set myself up with a comfy chair in the studio, and had me a lovely time knitting away while marathoning the episodes during rest time and of an evening. Last night, my last episode was episode 20, The Time Travellers, which ended with a super awesome rendition of “The Longest Time” acappella by Barney, Ted, Twenty Minutes From Now Barney, Twenty Minutes From Now Ted, Twenty Years from Now Barney and Twenty Years From Now Ted. It was legen…wait for it…DARY. So of course, that’s where I just had to start for today’s boogie.

From season seven:

Season eight, episode three

From season four

Season eight, episode 14

Now I think I need to track down some soundtrack cds… What music have you been listening to this week?

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