Bloggers Boogie {Long Weekend Edition}

Saturday. Of a long weekend. P. A. R. T. Why? Why the heck not!! And every good Saturday night needs a recovery party, so I’ll be linking up with Natasha In Oz‘s Sunday blog party tomorrow (full details in the nice but not essential section below) {EDIT – Sunday Song is now Tuesday Tune. But I’m still linking – see the button over there —> for more details!}. You can check out last week’s boogies for some inspiration it you need – there was myself, of course, and I was joined by Car and Kirsty.


Blog up to five songs between Saturday lunchtime and Sunday lunchtime in your local timezone. Any theme. Any reason. Doesn’t matter. You decide.

Come back and leave a comment to join the fun.

Not a blogger? Just join in in the comments – link to the video, and even just list your five!

I will also be popping up some random clips over on the Facebook page if you are a Facebooky type and looking for some fun.


You hopped around and commented on some other boogiers blogs.

You linked me in your post (or heck, even grabbed the button). Even to the front page is fine if you are wanting to schedule your post in advance.


The button, if you are button-type blogger:

<div align="center"><a href="" title="LittleWhiteDove"><img src="" alt="LittleWhiteDove" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

This week, I posted on Tuesday that I was listening to some Kate Miller-Heidke, which seemed to be a popular choice, so what better place to kick off?

And then I decided to make it a girly kind of party. So I walked under a bus…

A mix of older and newer this week. How about you? Who’s your favourite female artist?

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