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I don’t often talk about my faith on here, it’s a craft blog, you come for the pretties. But I am also very aware that it’s one of those “hot button” things, so I kind of keep it on the lowdown. Then, this week, I found myself challenged by our Bible Study discussion – we were looking at a passage from the Book of Luke (Luke 7:36-50, for those interested. I’m normally an NIV girl, but the link is CEV to make it a bit easier if any Bible newbies decide to have a gander!), and discussing societal expectations and taking risks (in this instance, particularly social risks) for our faith. How often do we take a chance and put it all out there.

So, I decided today, I’m going to take a risk. This is me. I’m a Christian, and in honour of that, I’m sharing some of my favourite faith-based songs today. I’d like to invite you to maybe blog a boogie that tells us something about you. Doesn’t need to be of a faith/spiritual nature, just something that means something to you. Or, you know, just share what you like.


Blog up to five songs. Any theme. Any reason. Doesn’t matter. You decide. Or if you have done a music post during the week, add your link as well! The more tunes the merrier. The linky is open from midday Saturday (AEST), for 48 hours.

Not a blogger? Just join in in the comments – link to the video, or even just list your five!


You hopped around and commented on some other boogiers blogs.

You linked me in your post (or heck, even grabbed the button). Even linking to the front page is fine if you are wanting to schedule your post in advance.

The button, if you are button-type blogger:

Little White Dove
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I ADORE this modernised version of Amazing Grace, it’s on my “everyday morning motivator” playlist:

As is this – one of my absolute favourites (my lovely friend who plays piano for church told me this morning she thinks of it as “my” song. Honest to goodness goosebumps the first time I heard it).

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      Amazing Grace is one of my all time favourite songs – the sentiments in it and the melody is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing such an important aspect of you.

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      Wow that version of Amazing Grace is awesome. So glad to be back for a boogie even if I have completely wasted the afternoon on youtube!!

    • Author gravatar

      Beautiful songs this week.

      I’ve taken your theme and adjusted it for my own beliefs – actually its more motivational / inspirational but I supposed you could say spiritual in my own way – if that makes sense? Not religious spiritual, just for my own soul. (just thought I’d explain in case you see my Bon Jovi and think ‘what is that girl thinking…’ đŸ˜‰

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