getting a groove {blog party}

Saturday afternoon already? That means it’s time for our weekly bloggers boogie! A couple of small changes this week:
BLOGGERS: Blog your videos, grab the button, and leave a comment on this post so we can hop along and say hi. Any and all forms of social media pimping welcome.
NON-BLOGGERS: Don’t worry, we want you to join the fun too!! Either comment on this post with up to five songs (current, old faves, themed, whatever), without without links, or hope over to the Little White Dove FB page, and write on our wall your Saturday night party tunes. If you are feeling generous, it’d be nice if you’d either share this post on Facebook, or tag the LWD page so we can share the love!
And, if we can get the party buzzing, I might even be convinced to pony up some token prizes. Let’s say once we get over 10 boogiers, I’ll give a small prize for dodgiest old school song, one for a song that I want to add to my playlist, and what about one of boogiers choice, by popular acclamation (based on comments and FB likes etc).
Looking for a starting point? Why not check out last weeks posts – there was me, Car, Bee and Kristy sharing some playlists.
The button, should you be blogging along today:
<div align="center"><a href="" title="LittleWhiteDove"><img src="" alt="LittleWhiteDove" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

And now, for my music!! Going a bit more recent this week. On high rotation, I’ve had:

Owl City – Fireflies

Mike Posner – Cooler than Me. Because I think the only person who isn’t cooler than me, is three foot tall and thinks wearing her knickers on her head is hilarious. And even that is dubious. (That I am cooler than her, not the hilarity of knickers-on-noggin).

The obligatory 90s boy band. I apologise for any ear bleeding that may result. However, for diehard boyband nostalgics like me, this Five video is a good medley of some of their bigger songs.

Because I can never get enough Train.

And one of my favourite worship songs – a contemporary take on Amazing Grace. Even if you aren’t a Christian, it’s worth a listen.

So that’s me for this week. A bit more upbeat than the last couple of weeks. What are you listening to this weekend? The party is open all weekend, to any and all bloggers. If you are new around here, don’t be shy, link up and join the fun!

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