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#31minfor31days {blogtoberfest day 5}

#31minfor31days {blogtoberfest day 5}

projects I want to finish during the 31 minutes for 31 days project


Over on Instagram last week, I found the very cool “31 minutes for 31 days” challenge. The basic idea is for the whole of October, you dedicate 31 minutes to working on a mini album – and with multiple mini albums in various stages of (in)completion, it was just the challenge I need to keep the WIP-busting mojo rolling and get stuff DONE. That pile in the photo above? That’s my hit list for the next three weeks. By the end of October, I plan to finish:

our 2015 road trip mini album

outstanding December Daily mini album that just needs pages stuck in

my selfie scrapbook

an a7 notepad

an altered book for Butterfly

our 2010 Europe trip mini album (I know, I know)

And if I still have time left over, design a photo book for our 2013 road trip.


Ok, yes, I really am that bad at getting dedicated event albums done. So so bad (please tell me it’s not just me?). So this is me, saying GET IT DONE. A lot of these, a day or two will knock out. A couple of others will take more time. But a lot can be achieved in 31 minutes a day, so I’m going to give this entire list a red-hot go. I will be coming back and updating this list as I go, and I’m going to write it in BIG LETTERS in my project bullet journal. Totally doable, right? Nothing like aiming big! Day five and I am 2.5 hours behind…surely the family won’t notice if I disappear for the afternoon on a public holiday, will they?

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