a bit.

Over on Facebook, the And Sew We Craft crew asked, what have we been crafting? I was kind of glum to admit, not much really. I’ve been away from home for two weekends in a row, so I’m madly playing catch up at home, which means less crafting, and thus blogging. But when I thought about it, it’s less of “not much really”, and more of “bits when I can”.

A bit of embroidery while watching tv:

or some crochet. I actually had to frog a couple of rows due to minor errors that probably could have been fixed, but it was only two rows.
I do LOVE how it looks with the green added in though!

And very high on my priority is getting 240 orange strips sewn together! Tonight’s project, I swear!

Some fabric delivered ready to make a skirt. A cake that was actually a bit of a flop. Crafting with the small people. Planning a mixed media challenge with Car. A wordsprint here and there to build on the L&P story. Big projects will come with time. For now, this season in my life means my crafting is “just a little bit”. But that little bit is enough. And enough is good enough.

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