All tangled up.

The page fills with lines, then pattern takes over the sections. The repetitive stroke, stroke, stroke as the black ink brings the pattern to life. Almost meditative, watching the design change and evolve, it’s quite addictive. Miss Bacoon has a lot to answer for in starting the Zentangle craze.

I had my little travel art kit from Car handy, and had a nice quiet moment yesterday, so I pulled out the watercolour paper and a pencil and got tangling.


I then added a splash of water colour.


Of course, this meant Bear saw the super cute mini watercolour set, and so I reluctantly handed it over, and a single sheet of paper for him to paint on.


Today we’ve been having a lovely day as a family, and three exhausted small people are overtired and ready for a lie down out of the heat of a day that has brought with it the promise of summer. I finished the blue section of the ripple last night, so I’m thinking I might make some in-roads on the red. Or work on Mr Dragon. Or maybe just lay under the air-con and read a book. Back to school and real life is going to be tough…

{blogging today for day 5 of Blogtoberfest.}

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