An experiment in book-binding.

After seeing some gorgeous books on Etsy, created by “Paperlion“, I was intruiged by the idea of making my own books. I gathered some old cardboard, some excess computer paper & some funky hot pink embroidery floss, and got to work, following a tutorial for coptic binding that I found with assistance of Professor Google. The end result:

And a shot of the binding stitches:

The cover is nothing spectacular, I know, but I only had a spare 2 minutes, and wanted to jazz up the plain cardboard. Now I know what I am doing, I’m going to dig out my old paper-making equipment, and have a go at a bigger, fancier book. I’m still undecided as to what I’m going to use for the cover & binding fibres, but I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied while I make up my mind!


The creative rush is still on, I have just finished another ACEO collage, with another in the works. Plus I have some new stuff coming from Lime Tart which will be lots of fun to get stuck into, and a million and one ideas racing around my head! All I need is the time to bring them all into being…

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      I’m wondering what the link is to the tutorial that you used to learn coptic binding? I’m wanting to learn myself but have had trouble finding information that shows me how to do the actual binding part itself (though I’ve found lots about materials and getting started!)
      Also, how did you make the holes? there’s lots of talk of special tools needed, but I’m only just experimenting at this stage!

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