Art Journal Throw Down Smack Down

I will have to stand up and take responsibility this time, I fear. Though I’m not entirely convinced it’s not AJ’s fault (again. Goodness but she is becoming worse than Car, I swear) – all *I* did was buy a lovely little crafty bundle in a recent tillytom Facebook pop-up sale.


Isn’t it a wonderful little collection of adorable? My excuse is I wanted the fairy stamps for Butterfly, who is mad about anything princessy or fairy-ish. The rest of the cuteness was just a bonus. So of course, AJ being the delightfully stalkerish observant friend she is, swooped in and blamed me for her own subsequent purchase of The Bundle Of Adorable. Now, we can all see where this is going, right? AJ put up a shout out to Car, lest she feel left out. And, it would appear, it is a truth universally acknowledged that when three or more are in possession of the same craft supplies, a challenge must be issued. And like Pavlov’s dogs, the challenge was issued and accepted. Scarily fast, actually.

The challenge, as it stands – this Saturday afternoon, we are each to create a multi-media/scrapbook/art journal page and/or artwork, using the contents of this kit (excluding the hand mirrors, obviously). ONE additional medium may be added (plus the base page). And yes. If you are using “paint” as your additional, you need to narrow it down, ladies. Watercolour OR acrylic OR oil. The kit offers us stamps, ink, pens, booklets and notepads. Add some imagination, and I can’t wait to see what Monday’s blog tour shows up.

A long weekend meant the Monday stick hit me on Tuesday, and badly. But now it’s Wednesday already, and it’s shaping up to be a pretty awesome kind of week. It’s raining and dinner is in the slow cooker. The housework is (somewhat) complete. Boy2 and Butterfly have had a fabulous morning playing postman, with them writing the letters, and mummy playing postie (and getting into trouble for delivering to the wrong mailbox!). This afternoon we are repurposing some boxes to make a computer for Boy2, and I dare say there will be something crafty in the works for the Butterfly when she wakes. Maybe a spot of baking for a warm afternoon tea. And two whole hours until school pick up, with the mojo flowing freely. Time to make a move, let’s do this!

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