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I’ve found myself a few times caught in the throes of an inspiration blitz, and wishing I had some art supplies to do some drawing, scribbling, writing or photography. A few months back, I treated myself to a cool little point and shoot camera that I could leave in the nappy bag, and not have to tote my big SLR around everywhere. One problem down. I’ve been planning since then to bind myself a little art journal that I could use for a similar purpose.


So over the holidays, I found the time to bind myself two little ACEO-sized art books:


I actually made two in a similar style, this one, “Create” has an acrylic painting on the front. The other, “Dream”, has a similar image on the front, drawn in pastels. Unfortunately, when I sprayed some ‘stuff’ on it to stop the pastels smudging on everything, it stained, so it’s my back-up book!


Inside, I used a mixture of drawing paper, watercolour paper, pastel paper & wrutung paper, to keep my options open!



I also made a little cover to protect it from getting a total trashing whilst floating around in my bag.




Not bad for an hour or so worth of ‘work’! Can’t wait for the opportunity to use it now.


Happy Monday everyone!

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