Oh man. This was super fun. It was Car’s birthday last month, and I knew early on I wanted to make a hashtag typography collage (inspired by these tshirts by Elise Blaha). We use A LOT of hashtags in our conversations, so prepping for this project involved going back through months of old chats – and man we can “talk”!! It was loads of fun to read back on some of the crazy conversations we’ve had, and I giggled myself stupid in the hunt for our most memorable hashtags. The background I painted a canvas sheet with some oil paint (a mix of red and white) and scanned, converted to black and white, and layered underneath the text. Happy birthday chicken! Sorry it’s so late…


Today is a sewing marathon. I’m making shower bags and clothes bags for our camper trailer – I’m three bags of five down, and an hour until pick up should see the rest completed so I can move on to the clothes bags tonight. And Skip’s bee block which is due back very soon. It’s cold and chilly and I think parking myself between the sewing machine and the heater sounds like a nice way to pass the afternoon. With maybe a spot of baking for some hot afternoon tea. Mmmm, chocolate cake… Two days until school holidays, time to move my butt and get productive.

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