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…christmas stitchalong…

…christmas stitchalong…

With only three weeks until Christmas, there’s plenty of time to start a new project, isn’t there? A detail-heavy, heavy hand work project seems like a grand idea, doesn’t it? And the fact it is a Christmas theme, and thus rather time sensitive wouldn’t be a problem, would it?

Obviously, the answer to all three question is yes, there is, yes, it does, and yes, it probably is a bit of a problem. But then, one must ask, am I going to do it anyway? The fact the pattern is already downloaded to my ipad would be a fair indication that, as per usual, I have allowed New Project Energy to take over my good sense, and I am diving in head first, regardless of the rather sensible objections above…

It all started, predictably enough, with a message and a challenge. I do think in this case, I was the one who started it, after seeing the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery sneak peek one of their Christmas designs on Insta. Once they were revealed, however, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, so plans all got shuffled around a bit, and next minute there was a mini cross stitch challenge underway.

Before I could buy the penguin snowglobe we agreed on, though, I also caught a glimpse of Satsuma Street’s Deck The Halls pattern on Insta and I was totally smitten! With two Frosted Pumpkin patterns already in the WIP box, and eyeing off both Happily Ever After and Grimms 2019, I was ready for a bit of a change from their (very cute) kawaii style. I have long admired Satsuma Street’s clean and modern style, so after going back and forth on a single tree design and the full deck the halls, I took it to the board for a second opinion…no, not my crafty board, but the other adult who lives here, and possibly should be allowed an opinion on the pop-up craft museum that appears in his house every December. After recovering from the shock of actually being allowed to have an opinion, for a change, on said pop-up craft museum, he nominated the tree from Deck the Halls, and the deal was done.

Deck the Halls  Satsuma Street modern Christmas bell pull  image 0

I will be altering the colours somewhat – the majority of our decorations are red, lime, white and pale blue, so I will be translating the pattern in to that colour scheme, on a gorgeous coffee coloured linen I have left over from…I’m not quite sure, to be honest. For now, I’m only going to attempt the tree, and then if I have time, I will mix in a couple of the other items. Or I might even grab this cute decorations pattern instead.

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