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…easter wrap up…

…easter wrap up…

What a crazy, busy, fun weekend! So very very full of so many fabulous moments. I shared on Thursday my weekend plans for crafty bingo, and oh man, did the crafty goodness get cranking over the past four days!

I ended up being too tired after a huge day on Thursday, along with battling a threatening cold, to do much, so I tackled my first project straight up on Friday morning, with my morning stitches ticking off the prompt STITCH (1/25). Then it was out the door to church, and then home again to get changed before event number two, giving me a quick five minute window to start HAND LETTERING (2/25). We went straight from event two to event three, but then had 15 minutes between three and four where I could start inking it in, during which time the chat lit up and we got a little craft crazy making up little ditties about peopling and having to pause the crafting in favour of making some attempt at pretending we are functional adults, which we considered close enough to tick off COMPOSE (3/25).

Once our houseguests arrived, we had a lovely time just sitting and chatting on the back deck, and I used the time to also knock out a quick doodle of Mr12 who was laying on the day bed next to us for DRAW (4/25). We then needed to share some info on the computer so while Mr Barefoot organised that, I sat at my desk behind them and got busy CARVING a tick stamp (5/25) to mark off my bingo projects, and STAMPING a card (6/25). From there I started digging through the kids art trolley for origami paper and hit up Pinterest for instructions on how to FOLD (7/25) a flower, which of course needed a leaf, which I CUT from cardstock (8/25) with an Xacto knife. Then, I found myself staring at the card, and my table, willing inspiration to strike, and got a little boogie and hand wiggle happening. In between the eyerolls at his dorky mother, Mr12 asked if that was me “trying” to do the dance one…I took it to the board and was told it would count for CHOREOGRAPH so that was tick number 9 of 25! I also managed to find a couple of flowers to PRESS (10/25) from the rose bush on the fenceline, so all in all, it was productive hour or so!

And then, of course, adulting required me to be an adult, so off I took myself to feed the family and the guests, and COOK some corn and bacon mini cob loaves (11/25) for dinner. Once children were bedded and kitchens were cleaned, I was able to sit and chat with our guests while knocking out two rows of half-treble on my Sunrise Stripe Sampler blanket, meaning I could tick off the wildcard star in the centre (12/25), and setting me up for Saturday morning starting off with just one square off a bingo. Of course, that square was my first port of call, and I decided to WRITE two pages on my current project, making project 13 of 25, and my first BINGO of the weekend, all before 8.30 Saturday!

From there, we had to go out to the farm to continue to BUILD in our shed (14/25), but I managed to sneak in 5 minutes to PEN A NOTE (15/25) before we left, so I started off the day ok, but then not much got done Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning, however, things kicked off again. The children coincidentally all dressed in coordinating clothes, so we left early for church and went to the park so I could capture an updated family PHOTOGRAPH (16/25). Once home from church, I decided to BREW a pot of coffee (17/25) to enjoy as we made a plan of attack of what we wanted to achieve at the farm.

Sadly, Mr 5 wasn’t feeling great, so he and I came home, and once I had him settled in front of a movie, I pulled out the Fimo to SCULPT a little flower (18/25), and the beading floss to restring a broken bracelet, which ticked off JEWELLERY MAKING for 19/25 and a double bingo – numbers 2 and 3 for the weekend. I also had a play with a WEAVE idea (20/25) which was less successful than I had hoped, so I made a paper flower instead ahead of Monday’s projects.

Come Monday morning, Mr 5 was still unwell, so after a sleep in and a big breakfast, the big kids headed off to the farm with daddy, Mr 5 hit up Netflix to watch Back To The Future (again…), and I got stuck in.

He wanted company, so I set myself up on the coffee table with my cute little caravan art set to PAINT some farm scenes (21/25) for BINGO number four. Off to the kitchen and out with the mixmaster to BAKE some biscuits (22/25) for morning tea, which also had me hitting bingos 5 & 6. I was on a roll, so with some native vegetation and the paper & clay flowers from Sunday, I hit FLORAL ARRANGING (23/25) and BINGO 6 & 7.

Two boxes to go. FERMENT was going to be tricky, as it’s not really something I do, and didn’t have the supplies for most recipes on hand. In the end, I found a recipe for fermented honey garlic, however it required a trip to the shops, so that one would have to be an epilogue project. Bringing me to my final square, and I chose to SEW a little pouch to hold my personal hygiene items that was small enough to slip in a clutch or in my camera bag, giving me TWENTY FOUR projects completed for the weekend, and ten bingos!

Oh. My. Gosh. This project was so very fun. It reminded me of the old days when we crafted ourselves silly and blogged constantly. It was a great chance to anchor myself within my own identity as a crafter. It forced me to think outside the box when certain prompts were hard to fulfill in their simplest form. It was, in a word, MAGIC. And in the way of all good projects, it already has inspired more than one conversation of “what’s next”. What next, indeed?

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