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…felt hoop…

…felt hoop…

Ahead of quilt camp each year, there is always a flurry of messages about the projects being packed with intentions of working on them, or at the very least, side-eyeing the bag containing said projects and vaguely sort of mentioning we should think about possibly getting them out at some point. Last year, these discussions turned to some Pinterest inspiration and the idea of a stitchalong. Like lemmings with a hive mind, we were off the cliff and sold on the idea quicker than you can say “hey what if we…”

Before too long, my personal shopper had been out on a Spotlight run and had a package winging it’s way towards me full of bright and cheery floss and felt. I believe it even made it’s way into my camp bag. Quilt camp, however, it has been well established, isn’t necessarily for the Making and Finishing Of Things. In between all the chatting and coffee runs and beach walks and whatnot, the felt stayed well and truly in my suitcase. It came home, it got unpacked, and then it got promptly forgotten. It remained untouched for three months, until I started packing to move. At that point, having a spare handwork project up my sleeve seemed like it wouldn’t be a bad idea, and into the WIP box they went.

From there, back to languishing untouched it went. Then, of course, covid happened, and it broke my brain and I have been on a finish rampage ever since. With all my cross-stitches finished, and my blackwork up to date, I was in need of a small project I could work on at the school table, and so the time had come to pull out the felt and get started.

I didn’t have a pattern to work from, and was just winging the entire project. It ended up a lot different to what I was picturing at the start, but Madam Butterfly has been fawning over it from the very start, so even though it is probably best described as “unicorn vomit”, she loves it, and that is the greatest measure of success around here.

Even though it didn’t turn out quite as I pictured, it was a fun project to work on. The colours are super bright and happy, and it brightened up the school table and kept my hands busy. Eventually, it will hang on Miss10’s bedroom wall, and if she loves it, I’m happy.

With this project now finished, I’m on to my final stitching project, from the bottom of the WIP box, all the way back in 2012. It’s a little fiddly so should help me see out a good chunk of the school year. I probably should start thinking about stocking up on a heap of WIPs just in case I finish early, shouldn’t I? One wouldn’t want to run out of projects, would one?

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