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…festive cheer…

…festive cheer…

In between all the other things that need to get done this week, it seemed the most excellent time to procrastinate with a bit of non-Christmas crafting. Who wants to get Christmas clothes and masks finished with plenty of time to spare, when there are challenges to finish that could be done at any time? To try and justify my non-priority crafting, I did, at least, give them a Christmas twist.

The first project was some cork coasters. I picked these up last time I was at Spotlight. Last year I had added some Christmas colours to my pouring paint collection, but didn’t get around to actually using them after life exploded a couple of weeks before Christmas. It seems the perfect way to wrap up the “cork” prompt from the materials section of my 202020 list. Four of them I played with pouring and moving the paint around direct on the coaster. The other two I tried a marbling effect by placing the coaster face down on the dripped paint from the first four.

Then, of course, what is the use of Christmas coasters, without a Christmas glass to rest on them? In the same trip, I had found some paint pens at Kmart, and while the children were working on their quilts during the week, I got busy and whipped myself up a Christmas glass.

With two more items ticked off my list, I should stop procraftinating, and get back to my Christmas list. There’s 9 hours until we had out the door for Christmas Eve services, and my list seems to be growing rather than shrinking. There’s rocky road to make and boxes to cut and salads to prep. Shopping orders need to be picked up. The house needs a good clean. I kinda sorta haven’t finished the Christmas masks so we can sing at church tonight. Of course, all work and no play makes for a dull crafter, so there’s another blog post on my list as well, if I get the chance. Christmas crazies are in full swing, and there’s a whole lot to do between now and then. Happy Christmas Eve friends, I hope your to-do list plays nicely today!

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