A new year dawns, heralding a new decade. The “noughties” are behind us, and the not-so-noughties shimmer with the promise of future delights. A fresh year, like a blank canvas. Or maybe a journal, crisp & clean, with the faint smell of the papermill still wafting from it’s pages.Waiting for history to be written on it’s pages. History yet to be decided. History that is mine to create.

And as I give thanks for the year that was, I pray for the year ahead. For courage to face the battles that will inevitably come. Strength to ride out the bad times. Hope for the good times. Thankfulness for all that with which I am blessed. Wisdom to confidently find my path, to safely & surely guide my little family through the year, that we may sit here, a year from now, and reflect on what a great year it was. I pray that I may make this history that I write the best I possibly can.

A new year. A new decade. A new start. Hello, 2010. Boy do I have some plans for you. I am excited by what is in store. And to record the history that you and I will create together, a new year deserves a beautiful new diary…

(please excuse the loose threads on the bookmark, I quickly snapped the photo before the children woke up).

I am a stationery nut. Diaries, journals, notepaper. My diary, I am especially particular about. Nice thick paper. Intuitive layout. And beautiful cover. If I have to look at it for a whole year, it must be nice. I fell in love with the soft pink texture of this little chap while out Christmas shopping… merry Christmas to me! This diary just begs to be filled with plans & dreams, the plottings of one addicted to creating. And creating I shall. I have a bag to blog. A quilt just waiting on a border. A gingerbread house. Some more toddler canvases. Look for a post a day for the first week of the year!

Happy 2010 everyone. May your year be as wonderful as I hope mine shall be!

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