Here comes Santa Claus…

Christmassy activities abound a the moment. As we pulled out the decorations, a wreath was uncovered, made with Bear when he was just a wee chap – a circle of cardboard, and red and green crepe paper stuck on.

So with the Christmas carols playing, we parked ourselves on the loungeroom floor, my box of scraps between us all, and the children dived in and pulled out all the green scraps they could find, as I measured out a length of wire, and twisted it into a circle shape. With a few snips, and twisting and tying the fabric, we soon had a wreath coming together nicely.



The boys were chuffed to see it hanging up on the tree, and there I think it will stay. We have a few more Christmassy crafts up our sleeve as well. First on the list though, get this Secret Santa parcel out the door, and find my cute little matchbox advent calendar. I know I’ve put it somewhere very safe…


{blogging today as part of Car’s Advent Blog-a-long}

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