I want candy.

It started innocently enough. I posted up my DreamCake fabric on Facebook, and a friend commented “that would be perfect…if it was in yellow”. Next thing we were sharing hex codes back and forth, and soon a custom yellow stripe was created. A bit or work on the sewing machine, and a mercy dash to the courier to get it overnighted across the country, and it was the perfect fit for a candy table backdrop this weekend just gone. I’m glad it worked out so well.


Monday is looking crazy here today, so just a short post. I finished a quilt last night that I want to get photographed so I can show you. My to-do list is blowing out, so I’m about to have some lunch and get busy. More wordy posts later in the week! I’ve also been featured over at And Sew We Craft for Rainbow Week with my not-quite-24-hour quilt, head on over and check out the other rainbow goodness!

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