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{source image created by Lindsay @ pen&paint – she’s super talented, so do yourself a favour and check out her blog}

Sometimes, when I craft, whatever project I’m working on is a plodder. I’ll do a bit each day, or do one big burst, then set it aside for a bit, then pick it up again *cough*Dear Jane*cough*. It’s not that I’m not enjoying myself, because I am, I love crafting (I know, it was news to me too). But then, sometimes, a project comes along, and slams into my craft mind so hard it lodges, then I become like the Energiser Bunny and won’t rest until it’s done.

One of those projects hit me between the eyes last week. I shared a photo (this pen&paint design) on Facebook, from a page I follow. I loved it, and it really spoke to me. A friend commented that it would be cool as an embroidery, and I was lost. I headed to the craft store, and within hours I had 16 skeins of thread and the design traced onto some white Kona, hoop in place ready to stitch.

I’ve been cruising along nicely since then, doing half hour here and there. As hard as it is to have to put it down, I have a small girl who delights in unravelling my thread, and so it must be put up during the day.

I must confess, when I first saw it, I hit share without thinking about it. When I wanted to stitch it, and do the right thing and buy the original print to use as my pattern, I realised I had no original source to credit the design to, or track down purchase details. Luckily, a quick google led me directly to the creator, but also to pins and Tumblrs, with no credit. Please, if you are sharing something, share it by linking to the source. Stuff on the Internet is not a free for all, and downloading and uploading to your Facebook page is not cool. Link with love, people. And no. “Image Credit : Google Images” is not proper credit. </end rant>

I’m really loving this little project, the repetitive thunk thunk of needle into fabric is very soothing as I watch tv with my husband of an evening. I really struggle with tv, I admit. I find I can’t just sit there and do nothing except watch, it drives me bonkers! I need to do something with my hands, either stitching or crocheting or knitting, or even reading/iPhoneing. I think husband dearest has given up trying to understand how I can manage both things at once! I’m hoping to finish this stitchery over the weekend, and get it framed up for my studio next week. I’ll be sure to share a photo once it’s done!

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