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…just start…

…just start…

I have a horrible habit of putting myself in between a rock and a hard place. I see an awesome project or a new craft and I get all excited…and then I psych myself out, because I couldn’t possibly do that and what if I muck it up and and and….y’know, not that I over think these things.

One such thing was a while back, and I mentioned to my partner in craft crime that I saw someone journaling with neon colours, and it looked awesome…but I couldn’t possibly do that. Because comfort zone. And, as we are in the habit of doing, a challenge was born. I hit up the cheap shop, pulled anything even vaguely useful from my stash, and got busy getting messy.


The first page went into the Gravy Train Journal in residence at the time (I believe it belonged to Alley), and, surprise surprise, it wasn’t as scary as I thought. The next page, then, was a homage to a lesson I needed (and still do, on the regular). Note to Self: Just Start.

I think I’m actually going to make this one my computer wallpaper. Don’t think, just do. Less scrolling, more making. Is there such a thing as three-quarters-through-the-year-resolutions? Maybe not, but I’ll just pretend there is.

just start mixed media

{if you would like the just start wallpaper, you can download it here}

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