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Life. Project and otherwise

Life. Project and otherwise

letterpress project life cards


It has been one of those weeks. I’m merrily plodding away on cutting the rest of my Aviatrix quilt, ready to sew tomorrow. I have yet another dressup day for Bear that I need to sew for as well. In around all that, and the usual juggling that is life as a mum of four, Boy2 has ended up with a broken arm, so most plans have come to a grinding halt as I play nurse to him. Just before that though, I did a letterpress run, to get a custom order of notecards done, and well, it would be a shame to see the leftover ink go to waste, wouldn’t it? So I grabbed a couple of my other new plates that I haven’t had much of a chance to play with, and printed myself a couple of cute little 3×4″ Project Life cards. Dont’ ask how that’s going, by the way, we won’t talk about how I’m only just starting October, I’m a month behind on printing and haven’t touched my week in the life photos. Le sigh. So many projects, so little time. But tomorrow is the weekend so I’m going to power through today to leave it clear to spend some quality time in the studio and catch up on some of them – at least it’s a fun kind of to-do list! Happy Friday!

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