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…mini Monday organisation spree…

…mini Monday organisation spree…

Over the weekend, I managed to catch up on my morning stitches project. It has been a bit of a muddle around here the last couple of weeks and I’d gotten behind, so most of last week was spent playing catch up rather than doing the actual stitches that were allocated to that day. Saturday night saw three full days caught up on, and from yesterday I was back in the swing of stitching the previous day’s temperatures.

The stitching on Saturday night covered a range of minimums, and I had two new colours to add to the mix. Up until now, I have just been shoving the loose cut pieces in my stitching pouch – I’m super fancy like that. But with increasing colours, it’s becoming unweildy and messy and I’m going to end up losing some floss, I’m sure. I’m also not loving having the bulky ring of floss hanging around with my morning basket or coming on the road with me when I take my pouch to the farm or out and about to kids activities. So this morning as I procrastinated on hanging out the washing by faffing around in my office, I decided to do something about it. I had a new pack of laminating pouches that were the last thing I needed to put away to have my desk back in order, and a rhythm list for how our Friday’s go, that I hang up to help guide the children, that also needed laminating. Two birds, one stone, all that jazz…

As the laminator warmed up, I jumped on ye olde google and hit up the images section for a picture of the wooden rainbow that I used as my colour inspiration, and found a very cute photo of it set up to balance on the inside piece. A quick copy/paste/resize, and I had myself a rainbow ready to laminate.

I originally trimmed it in a square, but it didn’t look quite right…and even weirder when I punch holes in it. In the end, I decided to semi-fussy cut around the outside, and was much happier with the result. The spread out rainbow also allowed plenty of room to spread the thread holes across both sides of the rainbow in a way that made sense, and the burgandy centre is tucked out of the way, which actually works really well for a colour that has been designated for extremes at both ends of the scale, to not be stored with the rest of the linear colour key.

And yes, I am aware of exactly how ridiculously I am overthinking what was a simple 2 minute project. It was a fun little diversion from my usual Monday morning routine to do something semi-crafty, after a couple of weeks that have been sorely lacking in creativity. It was also a tiny bit of extra organisation that makes my basket look a lot tidier, and my project more portable, so as simple and basic as it is, I’m going to call it a win. Pity it didn’t also get that washing hung out….

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