not your nana’s doilies

So a while back, I posted about my adventures in doily making. Despite my husband think I was ready for the nursing home, I had a grand plan in mind. You see, Butterfly has two big brothers. All three children have their birthdays within 3 weeks of each other. So I have this massive stash of boys clothes in the right size, but wrong gender. A few bits and pieces are neutral enough though, like jeans. But after two active little boys learning to crawl in them, the knees were pretty dodgy. Cue the inspiration wave – darning with doilies. Mended pants, and girling them up at the same time? Perfect!


(I do have another mini doily to add to the other side, just haven’t gotten that far yet!) I also thought the back could do with some tizziness, so I added some little pocket embroidery.


I was quite pleased with the end result!


Monday has rolled around, and with the second weekend away in a row under my belt, today is all about catching up. Butterfly is snoozing in a loungeroom cubby house, so I’m going to race around and hopefully even squeeze in a spot of sewing!

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