Every afternoon, the routine is the same. Walk in the door, wrangle with baby on hip as I try to make afternoon without her grabbing the food and/or knife, while chatting to the boys, and cajoling them into getting their chores done. Have you put your shoes away. Have you unpacked your lunch box. Is it in the drawer? Come on, bag away and wash your hands for afternoon tea. Do you have any notes for me?


That last one seems to bring forth a forest of paper every afternoon. Newsletters, book club forms, notes about plays and dressup days. A multitude of bits and pieces, all requiring my attention and likely return to school. They have been, until know, living on a corner of my kitchen bench, but at last, the mess was too much, and so I called the boys to me, raided the stationery and scrapping supplies, and we soon got to cutting and glueing. Some scrap book paper, an A4 envelope, and a pad of post-it notes, and I was feeling slightly more organised.



Somehow the week is getting away from me. Thursday today, and we are hanging out at home, taking it easy. Baby girl is a bit off, so we’ve been cuddling this morning, with a few stories thrown in. Baking a cake. Playing with the chicken. Picking fresh tomatoes from the garden. I’ve been rocking the glue gun for the finishing touches on a Humpty Dumpty costume. The afternoon is stretching out, to be filled with errands and tea parties and craft. A nap wouldn’t go astrat if I could swing it, but that’s looking less likely. Toilet training, housework, playing with my babies. The usual Thursday busies. Let’s do this!


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