Once Upon A Time

…there was a crafter with a knack for taking on monthly projects with her friends. In her kingdom, known throughout the land as the mighty and inviolable Craft Room, the monthly project was the one beast that she could not slay. With her fair maidens beside her (in a virtual kind of way, what with the maidens being spread over the countryside and far away), they stood poised to do battle, rotary cutters at the ready and needle in hand. The first beasts pushed forward, and in time, they were vanquished. Then the kept coming, and coming, and the princess found her cherished kingdom of Craft Room being overtaken, but she rounded up the 8 beasts running riot, and caged them, locked tight and keeping Craft Room safe from their marauding.

The she dropped her guard, and a new species of Beast appeared. Maiden Esther warned her, but their call was like that of the siren, and the fair princess was once again in battle with the beasts, and three of them attacked her at once, as she leapt forward, slowly working to crumble their defences. This time, she vowed, it would be different. This time she would brace the barricades and no dragon would pass through.


Which is to say – Esther showed us a pretty little month-by-month fairytale cross-stitch. Guess who got sucked in? (Oh come ON, like that’s a surprise). At least I’m not on my own – Kirsty and Bee are also on board. It is so cute, and I’m loving the peaceful rhythm of stitching as I hang out with Mr Dove of an evening, when the chores are done and the children are sleeping. I have big plans to keep on top of this one (what is it they say about roads paved with good intentions?). Cross-stitch is one of those crafts I don’t do very much, but when I do, I always remember just how much I like it. I’m doing this sampler on 28ct linen, and even with my small amount of progress, I am very much in love with it. (We won’t talk about that unfinished block of the month, ok? Please tell me I’m not the only one who have multiple long term projects going at once?)

Today is my crazy busy day. If I managed to squeeze in some time to slip my latest batch of photos into some Project Life pockets, I’ll be happy. Especially with new PL dies for my Big Shot to play with. But before all that, I have what feels like 100 mummy jobs to get through and memories to make with my girl and my not-so-little baby boy. There will be time for stitching tonight. Have a great Tuesday!

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