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I’ve blogged before about my One Little Word for 2014 – “make”. So far this year, I’ve found it to be a good fit for me. Something I’ve been wanting to do more of this year, is art journalling, but in between soaking up time with my little people over the holidays, and the rush of back to school, my time has been limited and my mojo consumed by other projects. Last week though, I found myself pulling out a lovely Dylusions journal that Alley gifted me for my birthday last year, and surrounding myself with papers and paints and pencils. Inspired by Car’s post showing her word mixed media artwork for her One Little Word for this year, I started building up the layers. The progress followed my usual love-hate roller coaster as I would love where I was going, then hate the next step, then like what happened when I fixed it, then not, then love it. I had originally intended the word “make” to be an overlay that I’d calligraphied onto a seperate sheet of paper…without factoring in the ink wasn’t waterproof and bled when I tried to glue it down. So off it came, and I decided to give scripting a go. Using black acrylic paint watered down with flow medium and a smallish brush, I painted on the word and then finished it off with a ribbon flourish. And in the end, I think it paid off, and I actually like the end result more than I think I would have liked the calligraphy. It’s big. It’s bold. It’s a statement that this is my word and this is my focus. It puts “make” as the centrepiece of my journal and my creative life.

I have a bit of an idea for a little side project based off this page, that I’m hoping to work on over the weekend. For now it’s taking a back seat to the Ballet Bag of Awesome that is coming together beautifully. I’ve started a new cross-stitch and remembering how much I love it. We’ve got some cookies we baked this morning cooling and ready to be iced. Those invitations are finished so I need to test out my calligraphy and lettering and get them addressed. Stories and cuddles and tea parties are also high on the agenda for our day. It’s Thursday, the week is slipping away and we are making the most of it. How about you?

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