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ring a ring a rosy

ring a ring a rosy

Once upon a time, in The Before, Thursday nights were a regular fixture of my personal church life rhythm. I’d get everyone settled with dinner and evening routines, grab my bible, and head out the door to the ladies bible study. It was a newer study group, one that had grown out of a previous Tuesday morning mum’s study group that slowly morphed over the years. Babies grew and went to school, mums went back to work, the creche roster became harder to fill as our church family aged, and evenings sans children was easier to manage.

Then cometh the plague times, and like everything else, we ground to a halt and flicked to zoom. As things opened up, things shifted once again. Thursdays instead became scout days for a wee boy who was looking for something to do that wasn’t just following in his big siblings footsteps. In a delightful twist of serendipity though, this week scouts wrapped up with a combined party on Tuesday, leaving me free to attend our church’s annual ladies Christmas outreach evening. And because growth is a thing, for the first time in twenty years, I actually invited someone – two someones in fact. Our little group consisted of a friend who also was once part of that Thursday night study and is now a fellow Thursday night scout mum, and a mutual friend of ours. We were due for a pre-Christmas catch up and chat, and even managed to sneak in dinner at the club beforehand, abandoning ship and leaving children and their dinners to their fathers.

The theme this year was wreath making, and it was super fun how different they all turned out. The only problem? We don’t have a front door in the traditional sense, making it tricky to work out where to hang it! Our doors on both what we call the front, and the side of the house people actually arrive at, are both large glass stacker doors. They are stunning and I adore them, but they aren’t exactly ideal for wreath hanging. In the end, I decided to hang it “back to front”, and it’s attached to the inside of the “back” door. Probably not the most aesthetically pleasing option for guests arriving, but it does mean we get to look at it each day.

Compared to some of the stunning wreaths produced on the night, mine is rather minimalist, but in the context of our home, I think it works. A fuller wreath would feel overwhelming, I think, without a wall or other solid space to anchor it.

It was such a fun night. We chatted and crafted and laughed our way through the evening. I got to catch up with church friends I haven’t seen for a while. The tables were covered with the most delightful of messes by the end of the evening, and we all got to bring home our very own wreathy works of art.

(And as much as I love my glass doors and the amazing light in my house, I will confess it’s tricky to photograph something that is “floating” on all that glass!)

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      I’m so glad you’re able to return to fellowship with your church friends, and bring in new people too. It’s really heart-warming to know that believers are still “out there,” though fewer in number than when I was growing up, and everyone attended a church. Your wreath is lovely, and it seems you found just the right spot to enjoy and appreciate the memory you have of making it with friends.

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