robot duck

Among the masses of presents the boys received at Christmas, there were two small flat parcels. One might even go so far as to label them unassuming. But inside, was a brilliant little project… rolled paper tubes, and instructions to make:


quack, quack!

Today has been a lovely relaxed type of Saturday. Small boy & husband went hardware shopping, so I popped baby girl in her pram, and big boy and I went for a walk. Toy store, library, book shop, and topped it off with a vanilla milkshake at our favourite cafe. Stories and craft. Sandput & swings. And a lovely late afternoon walk in the park while the boys scooted on their scooters ahead of us. Next week is back to real-life, so we are making the most of what’s left of the holidays. Painting for him, sewing for me, fun for them. Hooray for holidays. Monday is too close. Happy weekending everyone!

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