Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Ok, well, maybe just paper & scissors. And glue. Pens, pencils, a button or three. A couple of child-free hours.  And then, triumphant, I emerge from the studio, bearing a pair of cards – one, MIL’s belated mother’s day card, the other, FIL’s birthday card.


MIL’s card – a bit more 3D chippy action. It’s a bit simpler than planned – I wanted to add some ribbons to it, but just plain ran out of time!



And FIL’s b’day card



On the cards for this afternoon (ha da ha ha, I crack myself up!) is a bit of designing. Winging some measurements to make a gift. Sketching & measuring out another gift. Squeezing in a bit of housework while waiting for the boys to wake. Maybe a trip to the park to feed the ducks. If I can swing it, a visit to the fabric shop. Baking. I have a chocolate slice in my sights. I need to sort out a couple of gifts for TOMORROW. Eeek! Plotting, planning, wishing, dreaming. Loving it all. Except maybe folding the washing. But the maid has failed to turn up for the 1,279th day in a row, so it would seem that it’s up to me. And I’m itching to paint. My brain is whizzing & none of it will do itself, so let’s do this!

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