Something old, something new…

Tutorials borrowed and wool that’s blue!


We went to visit some friends over the weekend, and whilst there, I managed to fit in a trip to Spotlight, where, somehow, unbeknownst to me, a set of knitting looms managed to find their way into my hands, along with two balls of yarn & a crochet hook. Imagined how surprised I was when I got to the register, and found these items in my hand! Unfortunately, I couldn’t be bothered waddling my 8 months pregnant self back to where such items may belong, and I was tragically forced to hand over the credit card, and adopt these poor desperate items.


The knitting loom is just like the little finger knitting dolls I used to play with as a kid, but on a larger scale. This will become (hopefully) a baby cocoon:


I think I’ve used the wrong-sized loom, and I’m pretty sure the two balls of yarn I purchased will yield me a cocoon that is too small, but that’s just a good excuse to make another! I also plan on using these as photography props.


Something blue, is wool that I already had, and which found itself attached to a crochet hook this afternoon. My first attempts at crochet are nothing brilliant, but it’s always fun to try something new!


And a sneak peek of my something old, which should be revealed in the next couple of days!


I’ve also been tagged again, so will be back tomorrow to post that!

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