the final frontier



One little astronaut all suited up for bookweek! A super easy little costume, a bit of polycotton and some icky but puffy polywadding, and we had a space suit, then borrowed a helmet to top it all off. The boy was happy, so I’m happy!


Just a quick post today as I’m in headless chook mode again today, between bookweek parades this morning and drama rehearsals and performances tonight, it’s gogogo around here! Though I did manage to get 100g of yarn skeined up ready to make my first attempt at food past dyeing this weekend. I have taken the pink cowl off the blocking mat to find it doesn’t fit me *sad face* but it fits Butterfly *happy face* and suits her colouring perfectly, so she’ll be the coolest (or is that warmest?) toddler around! There’s a ripple update post in the works for the And Sew We Craft crochet along. My Queen Anne scarf is coming along nicely. I feel the itch for some embroidery. An orange quilt is calling my name. The house nesting is almost complete so it seems the craft pile is next on my list. But before all that, we have a play and a weekend full of soccer games and swings and stories and cuddles to get through. A few days closer to Baby4. Minutes and moments and memories. Stay and play sun, the promise of spring beckons. Have a great weekend everyone!

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