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…this week at the school table…

…this week at the school table…

Back when I was at school, there was a persistent rumour swirling around our un-air-conditioned classrooms, that if it hit 40 degrees, they had to send us home. We never got sent home, so I’m pretty sure it was more wishful thinking than anything else! These days though? I’m the boss of this school and can do what I darn well please. Technically, I had planned to continue our formal school year for at least another week or so, hence why I had a post planned for today called “the week at the school table”. Then we got lumped with a heatwave, and as we watched the screen of the weather station close in on 40 on Monday, I recalled that old rumour and pulled the pin on school. Instead, we did a bit of maths. A bit of reading eggs. We had an excursion day, and our advent calendar, and I figured that was good enough. It’s December, and it’s brain-meltingly hot. Anything other than being in the pool counts as a win in my books.

We’ve had so much fun with our calender this week! We’ve made an advent ring with air dry clay.

We’ve made Christmas cards and started on Christmas quilts

We’ve made hot glue decorations full of glitter (look for a 2020/make all the things update this week!) yesterday, in between helping daddy clean and refill the pool (and by pool I mean a $59 job from BigW, don’t worry, we aren’t draining a literal pool!)

Then last night, the children put out their shoes, all ready for St Nicholas to fly in all the way from Germany (not gonna lie, I’m a bit concerned about his lack of respect for biosecurity and quarantine requirements!)

The children have also been taking turns in choosing our daily diffuser blends for my Advent Blendalong challenge. I’ve been working away on my December Daily tags, but my first attempt at printing the photos to go on them was a fail. That has become this week’s problem to solve!

Today, we’ve celebrated St Nicholas Day by having bikkies before brekkie. We’ve been to church. We’ve come home for our first game of “12 Days”, the card game Jolly Old St Nick brought for the children. The small three have been in and out of the pool all day, and the teen has disappeared to bed with a book to rest up. He started his first part time job last week, and had four shifts, with another four rostered for this week, so some quiet down time is just what he needs. We’re off to the movies this afternoon to see Radioactive. In between all that, I’m hoping to make solid progress on my latest sock I started knitting during the week, and possibly start binging The Queen’s Gambit while I keep an eye on the pool craziness. The diffuser is pumping, the family Spotify mix is heavy on the carols. A wonderful, merry, slow Sunday, perfection.

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