We <3 daddy

Husband dearest, as much as I love him, can be a right royal pain in the backside when it comes gift-giving times. The man truly wants for nothing more than time with his family. Which is very sweet, true, but birthdays, Christmases and more pertinently, Fathers Day, I like to acknowledge his importance to our little family with something of the material variety.

I threw out a few not-so-subtle questioning fishing expeditions, and all
I got was a request for a Bunnings voucher, or money, so he could buy plants for the garden. It seemed kind of mercenary to chuck a fifty in a card, with a “here ya go darl, ‘appy fathers day”. While out during the week, I popped into the bookshop, looking to spend the remainder of a gift voucher due to expire, and with a lovely new art book under my arm, I turned to leave, when the window display caught my eye. The first book I saw was perfect for my dad, so I added it to mine and mentally ticked that off the list. A quick little handmade card, and dad was sorted.

As I picked the book for dad, I spied, half-hidden under the display, the Pete Evans “Pizza” cookbook. With homemade pizza a Saturday night tradition around here, it was perfect. But I didn’t want to ignore what he’d specifically requested, so a quick stop to the ATM, and then inspiration struck. Ducking into my favourite homey-gifty-arty store, I grabbed a tiny glass bottle, and with the addition of some ribbon, cardstock, patterned paper and stamps, I had a great little “something different” way to give cold hard moolah. He got the gift he wanted, and I got the cute presentation I wanted. Win-win.

Fathers Day rounded out nicely, presents and French toast, church, a little roadtrip and picnic, and then hanging with the small people. But all too soon, and Monday has come once more. I’m kicking off The Organised Housewife’s 20 day challenge, with some Domestic Guru and MahliMoo spring cleaning thrown in for good measure. I’m on a mission to finish getting our post-renovation home sorted and organised, and the studio is firmly in my sights. There’s a cupboard and cutting table in it for me…if I’m not back in two days, send in a search party ok?

{are you a paper crafter? stay tuned for a cool new project I’m launching later this week!}

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