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Between juggling the feeding and napping of a newborn, the entertainment and care of a toddler and preschooler, and the school run and after school happening of the seven year old, plus of course running the house to a reasonable level of clean and tidy, my craft time in daylight hours has been severely curtailed. I generally collapse on the couch around 8.30/9.00, and there I’ll stay until I drag myself to bed at 9.30 (the pre-five-AM starts don’t help!). So I’m not getting anything of substance completed, and handcrafts have become my main connection to my creative life. With the Queen Anne’s Lace scarf finished (more on that later), I’m picked up my “dreams and plans” embroidery and am making slow progress, with my little half hour blocks of stitching interspersed with some multitasking as I Facebook, Pinterest, chat to Mr Dove, and watch a bit of whatever he’s found on the telly – the last couple of nights we’ve been watching season 1 of New Girl that arrived from Quickflix on Monday.




I’ve just started adding teal to one of the triangles to use up the leftover thread from those two small stripes. Next up is some red in between the orange, and then I can start working on those fiddly bits near the edge. I think those sections will take a while!


This morning has been errands and baking – the kitchen is smelling delightful with Anzac biscuits and scones cooling on the counter. My Project Life kit has arrived, so I’m slowly adding bits and pieces as I get a spare 30 seconds to pop into the studio and add another photos or card. Lunch for the children and some housework, and then hopefully if I can manage some synchronised naps I have an itch to do some sewing. Though I won’t hold my breath on that – I’m sure the baby will wake just as everyone else goes to sleep. Snuggles with Beetle sounds like a not-unpleasant alternative though. The things we mamas are forced to endure, hey?

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      Your stitching is so neat! I wish I could work on stitcheries like that – whenever I try to embroider anything it comes out so messily. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished 🙂

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