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…WIP Wednesday…

…WIP Wednesday…

The further that covid breaks my brain, the further I have to reach back into the WIP pile for projects. Having successfully kicked my 2014 list in the butt, my current project, and today’s WIP Wednesday feature, comes all the way from 2012.

It started with a graphic I saw on facebook, that looked cute, and I shared it. Then my friend, and fellow Saturday Night Craft Along host, Meg, suggested it would look good as a stitchery. Being the highly suggestible type that I am, I of course thought this sounded like a brilliant idea. When that new project energy hits, I am a lost cause until I scratch that itch. This was one of those projects, and within an hour or two, I had ordered a print, bought 16 skeins of floss, and traced off the design and got it stretched out in a hoop ready to stitch.

I got a bit of a way through, and then, in classic me style, shoved it in a drawer and let it languish. Every now and then I would think about getting it out, but there was always something else to work on. Then, like many of the handwork projects I’ve finished lately, it was rediscovered during pack up in preparation for our move, and slipped into my “tiny house project box”.

All up to date with my blackwork and all my other embroideries finished, it was time to pull this one out and get stuck in. My covid-broke-my-brain mojo is out in full force, and since picking it up a week ago, I have finished the top row of the yellow scallops, outlined and stitched the raindrops centre bottom, outlined and stitched the rainbow and yellow triangles in the right hand corner section, outlined half the scallops above that, and then outlined the left hand corner between the teal “worm”, the pink background, and the little raindrops I’d stitched. I’m starting to fill in that section now, which hopefully will be done by mid-next-week, and then I think I’ll move back over to the right hand side to work on the bottom half of that border as there isn’t a huge amount left to go.

It’s super fun to have this project out again. I am loving playing with rainbows of floss and experimenting with different stitches beyond the plain old satin stitch I planned when I first started. It’s been a busy day today, sneaking in some work, and helping with school. Having a house planning meeting. Chasing up touch footy shirts and digging out boxes of summer clothes to find last years shirts. We’re about to head out the door for soup kitchen. And yet in between all that, I’ve managed to stitch. Today’s sections where the scalloped borders around the centre circle, the pink lozenge-shaped pieces on the far left, and the red centres of the flames. Like many of my recent finishes, progress happens quickly if I just get stuck in and do it. Over on my other blog this morning, I wrote about trying to hold onto the lessons of isolation. The finish streak is something I hope to hold onto as well. I’m sure I will always have multiple projects on the go, because I love having options, but I plan to work harder on being more committed to finishing what I start…famous last words, maybe?

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