WIP Wednesday :: stamps

I may or may not have found a new addiction. Stamp carving. I have completed one, and am working on another at the minute. I promise I’ll show off the finished one as soon as I get a chance to stamp it up into something cute. This is my currently work in progress:

I thought I was close to finished, my I’m not thrilled with the thickness of the lines, so I’ll keep fiddling for a bit longer. Next step is to learn how to mount them nicely – I have a couple of ideas in mind, it’s just a matter of if they turn out or not!

I’ve also been crafting away on some quilt camp gifts – two done, two more in progress and the remain three, I know what I want to do, now to just find the time to do them! Nine sleeps, so so excited!

Today’s been a crazy kind of day – glued to the TV watching the eclipse news feed, racing around town in search of a welding helmet to borrow to view it properly as we only got a partial here (though it was a pretty good partial), then running around with the various errands involved in life with three small people! Though I won’t complain too much – one of those errands was crepes and milkshakes at our favourite cafe. Such a tough life I lead! I’m pottering in the studio this afternoon, cleaning a bit, working a bit, if I can find the mojo I might pop up to the shed and finish sanding my craft cabinet. The big decisions of life, really.

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