you’ve got owl.

The warmth of the afternoon sun begged for an outside activity. Boy2 begged for craft. Three pieces of paper, four bottles of paint, three sets of fingers. Happiness. Watching contentedly, I pulled out my Copics and a couple of small notecards I’d stamped up this afternoon, and got doodling.

I especially love the first one. It was lots of fun playing with my markers, even if it did reinforce my desire to expand my rainbow. Must. Collect. All. Colours. I plan on using these for little “just because” snail mail notes. But the little owls tickled my whimsy, and made me think of Harry Potter and the owl mail delivery, and so in my mind, I’ve replaced “snail mail” with “owl mail” when I think of sending these little chaps off.

Boy2 is on the mend, and so the time in the sun and fresh air was the perfect way to pass a warm afternoon. I managed to sneak a moment to cut some extra pieces for my dolls quilt top, and hope to have it all together tomorrow, ready to quilt over the weekend. I’ve also got a little L&P instalment rattling round my head. And best of all, it’s Friday tomorrow. And Friday is sniffing distance to the weekend and extra crafting time. But first, Thursday night requires my presence for some How I Met Your Mother and some embroidery. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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