Pooh Bear learns to swim.

On the way home from swimming the other day, I was pondering the afternoon’s craft activity for the toddler. Insipration hit as I listened to the excited babble coming from the backseat about how well the small one had swum by himself (with the aid of floaties and the teacher hovering nearby). It was time for Pooh Bear to learn […]

Bargain buys

In the $2 bin at the fabric store the other day, I found some navy knit & cute chambray cotton. For $2/metre, I thought they would be perfect for some playclothes for the toddler. On the weekend, I whipped up these little shorts.   please excuse the creases, I had just pulled them off the line! I’m quite chuffed with […]

Am I a bad mummy?

If I can’t stand more than around 5 minutes of Thomas the Tank Engine? The small boy woke up from his nap over an hour early yesterday, and understandably, was in an horrendous mood. With the aim of him either a)resting or, preferrably b) going back to sleep, I grabbed boy, blanket & pillow, and popped on his favourite Thomas […]


Another week begins, another weekend disappears to find a home only in our memory. And a wonderful productive weekend it was. Not only did I manage to stay on top of the housework, but Friday evening, I finished a painting for the boys toy room (though I can’t show it here, as the basis of the painting is “borrowed” from elsewhere), […]

A little card…

I whipped up this card for my parents last night. The paper was some cheapy stuff I bought a few years back when I first started scrapping, and is now so far from fitting my scrapping style it’s not funny. I was close to chucking it in the boy’s craft box, but now I’m glad I kept it, as I […]

Illustration Friday – “Vacant”

The first thing that popped into my mind for this topic was a face wearing a vacant expression, but my abilities (or lack thereof) don’t stretch to faces, particularly those requiring a particular expression, so I grabbed my new watercolours and pulled together this painting/collage/whatever! Very simplistic, but it was my first go at watercolours. More detail will come with […]

Coptic Binding tutorial

When posting about my book-binding attempt, I forgot to include a link to the tutorial I used, and I’ve had a request to share it, so i thought I share with everyone!   I found this tutorial was quite good. I used a smallish tapestry needle (just a normal one, not curved as recommended) for the stitching, and a larger tapestry […]

An experiment in book-binding.

After seeing some gorgeous books on Etsy, created by “Paperlion“, I was intruiged by the idea of making my own books. I gathered some old cardboard, some excess computer paper & some funky hot pink embroidery floss, and got to work, following a tutorial for coptic binding that I found with assistance of Professor Google. The end result: And a shot […]