on the cards :: January

Somewhere around the third cocktail, on the evening of December 28th, I had a genius idea. What if, says I, what if I do a pocket a day, like a 3×4″ project life pocket. One day it might be a photo, another it might be a painting. A cocktail afternoon might be a written recipe and a quick sketch. A […]

whoops I tripped

Never say never, so the saying goes. I have declared, in the past, that I really do not need more cross-stitches in my life. And it’s true, I don’t. Alice and the Wizard are languishing in my “finished projects” box, unframed and with no hanging in sight. My valentines gnomes likewise remain forgotten about (though with three weeks to valentines […]

Snow Matter What

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a crafter in possession of a gnome habit, must be in want of a knit along named after an Austen hero…or something to that effect. I was on the fence about the Snow Matter What knit along, and then I saw the gnome was named Mr Gnightley, and how could I resist? I […]

IMMERSE myself in the year ahead

This year, more than any other, I found it hard to decide on a word to encapsulate everything I wanted this year to be. It is a year to settle, to reset, to catch our breath…and at the same time, it’s a year of change, of placing the capstones on the childhood of our eldest, as he turns 18 later […]

CULTIVATE :: the year that was

One of my favourite ways to spend New Years Eve, is to revisit two posts – the one I wrote on this day last year, and the one following it, where I share my word for the year to come and what it means to me. As I came into 2023, with my word CULTIVATE, I had big plans. I […]

but why…

“Why do you do these things to yourself?” I was asked last week, when I was an an event where I mentioned I’d forgotten to bring a project and I was rather annoyed by that since I had a million and one advent projects on the hop. At first I laughed it off. “Do you even know me?”, because this […]

album update //week three

It’s normally the week three mark I find myself coming undone a bit with December Daily. There’s so much going on and it’s one of the easiest projects to drop. This year, though, I seem to be staying on top of it. Kind of. I think the key difference is having established early on that I made the decision to […]

the week that was

How is it Sunday already? This past week has passed in a blur of parties and road trips and Christmas prep, and despite being on the go constantly, I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere fast! Our advent activities have been a bit hit and miss, but we’re working hard to find the magic in even the smallest slivers of time […]

this week on the craft table

The silly season is really ramping up, and it’s really starting to test my commitment to my plethora of festive crafty fun. I’m still here and poking along though, so let’s have a quick weekend whip around and take a look at the state of play on Advent Sunday Three! Quiltmas: The 12 patterns have all been released now, so […]

nailed it

Butterfly and her bestie are obsessed with a show on Netflix called Nailed It. The premise of the show is three amateurs (who may or may not have baking experience), are given a cake to replicate in a set timeframe. It is the epitome of the Pinterest “nailed it” meme in real time, and never fails to have two tweenagers […]