in a one horse crafty sleigh

And so, here we are on December First. Twenty four days until the jolly fat man squeezes his way down our brand new chimney, and it’s time to kick the fun into high gear. A normal person would suggest one advent project is probably enough, two or three would be optimistically achievable. But normal and I, you see, aren’t exactly […]

ring a ring a rosy

Once upon a time, in The Before, Thursday nights were a regular fixture of my personal church life rhythm. I’d get everyone settled with dinner and evening routines, grab my bible, and head out the door to the ladies bible study. It was a newer study group, one that had grown out of a previous Tuesday morning mum’s study group […]

Wordless Wednesday :: Christmas Party edition

It’s a manic old day here, so just flying through with a (semi) Wordless Wednesday post. Saturday night we kicked off the silly season with Mr Barefoot’s company Christmas party, where we did a paint and sip. Our project was a sunset over a pink ocean, and it was really fun to see how differently they all turned out, even […]

counting down

Since the children were tiny, I’ve always made our own advent calendars. The format changes over the years but the basics have always been the same – bible verse, activity, little treatie. I mix up the activities each year, and what lollies or chocolates end up in the calendar, but the end result is the same. Something to read & […]

oh what fun it is to craft

“Do you think he’s compensating for something?” Shrek asks Donkey as they see Lord Farquaad’s castle for the first time. As I survey the list I made yesterday and clipped to my inspo board in my craft room, I felt the need to ask the same of myself. And the answer is – absolutely I am compensating for something. Advent […]

WIP Wednesday :: Digital Papers

Somewhere, between building and moving and mumming and all the everything that fills everyday life, the last two months have disappeared, and the silly season is approaching with a terrifying rapidity. Last year, our advent shenanigans were rudely interrupted by the coming of the plague (twice!), and I think this year, I’m in full overcompensation mode, collecting challenges and projects […]

maybe she’s born with it…

…maybe its hyperfixation and an obsession with starting all the projects. It can be very easy to cast a glance at a post, after fifteen years of crafting in this space, and think “oh that’s clever, I could never do that”. The truth is, I’m not talented, I’m not clever, I’ve just spent a whole lot of time practising and […]

blogtober day 29 // Sunday snippets

I’ll craft more in the house, I would tell myself, when I have space and my supplies and it will be easier. And yet, here we are, four weeks in, and I have done very little. This week especially, has been more time in the car than in the craft room – a trip to Newcastle & back, and then […]

blogtober day 25 // workspace Wednesday

After a restless night, I gave up on sleep at 5am, and by 5.15 we were packed, room key dropped in the return box, and on the road for home. 5.20am saw me in the Zaraffas drive-thru, blearily ordering a hot chocolate for the teen, and a latte for me. “Would you like a double shot in that?” Heck to […]