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15 @ 40 // day fifteen

15 @ 40 // day fifteen

June me was such an optimistic, overachieving type, wasn’t I? Not only was I knee deep in the production of season four of the podcast, but I thought it was completely reasonable to blog daily, including churning out a project each day. What on EARTH was I thinking? Nevermind that June is traditionally one of the busiest months in our house, and you would be right to assume I needed my head read.

Those 15 days turned into three months, between life getting in the way of both the making and the blogging. Winter dragged on, along with housebuilding. Mojo was hard to come by. And yet, here we are – post fifteen, taking a long neglected craft and turning it into an ode to the projects that have lead to here.

I used to scrapbook a lot. It fell by the wayside. I picked up project life. After a couple of years, it too fell out of rotation. Every now and then I pick both back up, and I have blogged about them enough over the years I wanted to include it in my series. What better way, than to use it to record the past “fifteen days”.

First up was a traditional 12×12 layout, with a small amount of journalling about the inspo for the series, and a print out of the graphic I made for it right back at the beginning. The project life pages took a more meandering approach to arrive at the design I finally settled on. Originally, the 4x6s were to just be the photos from each post, the filler cards for journaling and smaller photos. It didn’t feel like it had a good flow, and so I set that plan aside for a bit. Somewhere in the depths of the container, I have a 6×8 PL album and inserts, but that didn’t fit the vibe I wanted (but could only feel, not see, in my mind). a 6×12 could have worked but I don’t have anything in that format, so it wasn’t an option.

Knowing that to force the project would be to end up with something I hated, I decided to put aside my goal of creating a full layout, choosing instead to work on day five. This was the procreate animation I had completed, which didn’t have a 4×6, but instead I had dropped the cover into a white background so I could print it as a photo. Cropped close, and set amongst patterned paper, embellished with some of my favourite mixed media supplies, I set the finished card on my table, and it was clear what I should do.

Into the bin went all the 4x6s I’d printed. I pulled up a photo of each project, and using the Project Life app on my phone, created collage images, four photos to a sheet, and printed them on my Selphy. The original prints had been done at our local photo centre, because I felt at the time that was the most efficient option. This sudden pivot though, had me very thankful I could print at home, and reprint as I tweaked layouts and sizes.

I’m all about batch working in my projects. Whether it be a sewing era, where patterns are one day and fabric cutting another, or journalling time, gel printing papers one day, scribbling out journaling another. in this project, I batched by card size. I first went through, and day by day, created the 4×6 cards that would feature a single photo of each project. Mixed media elements, papers, photo…day number & title. Done, add to album, move on. With all four pages of main cards done, it was time for the filler cards. This was the point I realised how out of practice I am. When I was in the depths of Project Life, I loved making my own filler cards. Having to revisit that skill set, though, I found it harder than expected to find my groove, but once I did, I smashed out those cards like I do it every week. Like any muscle, creativity needs a good workout to stay strong, it seems!

It feels like the perfect ending to this series. A project encompassing all projects. And did you happen to notice something in the 16th 4×6? I have has the same header logo since I rebranded to this domain back in 2014, and have been contemplating an update for some time. If you follow me over on substack, you may have seen the soft launch of my new header logo. Wrapping up this series seems like the perfect time to close out that original branding, and introduce an updated look as I shift forward into the next era of the blog.

While I am glad to be done with this retrospective, I’m not at all done with this space. I love the blog, the insta, my new substack, and my newsletter that turns one next month. I look forward to another fifteen years of creating and sharing and making the most delightful of messes. I am so thankful you are here, whether you have just found me, or been here since the beginning (you lot know who you are).

Fifteen At Forty has been a delight of a project, and in many ways, a complete revelation as I worked through each individual project, and spent time documenting them and the inspiration & motivation behind them. It’s been a time of reflection, of nostalgia, and of deep joy, creating for nothing more than the celebration of creativity. In the next couple of weeks, I get to move into my new creative space, and I can’t wait to put the lessons learned, and ideas gathered, into practice.

Today’s post is part of my “FIFTEEN AT FORTY” project, a fifteen day, fifteen project, celebration of creative exploration, to mark my fortieth year and my blog fifteenth. The journey so far has been amazing. The creation of the pieces I plan to share with you over the next fifteen days has been a revelation. I am brimming with inspiration and motivation for what is still to come.

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