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…31 minutes update…

…31 minutes update…

A week into my #31minutes project, and I am really enjoying taking a bit of time each day to document our current home.I have gotten behind a little bit, but am finding it easy enough to catch up. Yesterday I missed due to, ironically, stuffing around trying to get a time-lapse video of my current pages to upload, and by the time I gave up on that…my 31 minutes was up and my to-do list was pretty epic yesterday so I missed out on sneaking in some bonus ninja-crafting time.

I am just pulling papers from my stash to work with each day’s photo, though I am slowly starting to gravitate towards the same starting papers most days so hopefully by the end of the month I will be able to somehow pull it all together into a cohesive album (yes I probably should have it all planned out before hand).

Today, we have had a lovely morning out, spending time with family, and are now home and chilling out on the deck. Miss 8 is building her new birthday Lego, the boys are playing outside and I’m bouncing around doing chores and hanging with the kids. I need to take today’s photo (and yesterday’s), and get those layouts done. I have a photo shoot to edit. I have a camp gift idea floating through my mind that should come together quickly so hoping I can get a run at that. With two weeks to go until quilt camp, I want to pull out my craft trolley and give it a clear out and start getting organised. Our book club books are also waiting for me to notice them. First though, I might just have another coffee and build a fairy garden with the birthday girl.

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