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album update // week one

album update // week one

A week in, and I’m finding my December Daily is more like, December Every Four Days. While I do take my photos each day, the prints themselves tend to work better as 4-to-a-print, to be scrapped onto a 4×6 card, so I tend to get four done in a sitting once I have photos ready to be collaged.

For the first week, I simply printed the photos 2 to a 4×6, and cropped to slip into the album. I do still need to add journaling and notes for those days – I seem to have misplaced my grid cards so will cut some blank cardstock when I get home.

From the first though, I’m also joining in Art Journal Advent, so my daily layout will be 4×6″ card with the photo of the day, 3×4″ card with journaling and the day number, and a 3×4″ card with the art journal advent prompt of the day. These will go in the current empty slots – being away from home and without most of my mess-making-supplies, the prompts will have to wait.

I will confess I’m not 100% sold on the Kraft base cards. When I get home I might pull out some white cardstock and see how that looks. But even if it’s not quite right with the Kraft, it’s done, and the photos are printed and in an album, recording our festive fun. And really, that’s the most important part of the project.

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