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album update //week three

album update //week three

It’s normally the week three mark I find myself coming undone a bit with December Daily. There’s so much going on and it’s one of the easiest projects to drop. This year, though, I seem to be staying on top of it. Kind of.

I think the key difference is having established early on that I made the decision to print my photos four to a page. It gives me both breathing space, and permission, to not “keep up”, or feel like I need to be working on it every single day. Instead, I have a quick catch up every four or five days, and I manage to stay on top of it without burning out.

Days 15-18 are currently printed and on my desk, but I ran out of trimmed white cardstock and your internet friend currently has a terrible case of the lazies (ok, I’ve hit peak Christmas overwhelm) and pulling down the cardstock box feels a bit too hard this afternoon.

I even managed to squeeze in a couple of art journal advent cards this week, though I’m undecided if that is a project I will continue on with. It is nice though to see the pages properly full and not with random gaps waiting for me to get organised.

One week to go! Let’s see if I can keep up this week as we hit high gear, and full speed ahead to the big day!

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