Altered notebook.

I was hoping to get some more sewing done yesterday, but my husband was home sick, and he went down for a nap at the same time our son did. Unfortunately for my, our bedroom is right next to my studio (as in, there is a door between the two), so I didn’t want to make too much noise, lest I rouse the slumbering giant. It’s very rare for him to nap during the day, so I figured that a) he must really be sick, and b) sleep is the best way to get better.


So instead, I whipped up a funky little altered notebook. It’s only tiny, A6 sized, but perfect for what I use it for, and now it’s all pretty as well! Good thing it is, as it lives on a little table in our kitchen, so is always out on display.


The little blue flower was a bit of an after thought. I had a large wooden button there, and while I was adding the fibres to the binding, the rotten thing dropped off (note to self: never ever buy el cheapo tape from Coles again! It doesn’t matter if it’s 9pm and you have just run out. Wait until tomorrow!). I searched around & couldn’t find it, so went with this instead. The button resurfaced this morning, wet & cracked, on the floor of our bathroom. How & why it was there, I’ll never know. I can’t even blame the toddler, he was asleep at the time. I am still pretty happy with how it turned out though.

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      Oh my gosh, your notebook is lovely! I have been trying to find a way to make my own little journals. i am a total newbie to crafts of any sort. Did you just take “any old spiral bound notebook” and recover it with cardstock? Or did you bound it yourself? Thanks so much for any support you can offer! Lisa

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        Hi Lisa,

        Thanks for your kind comment! I just used a notebook I bought from the newsagent, and eased the covers off using the gap in the binding at the back. Once bound, I used a large scarpbooking holepunch (the kind you use with a hammer, for adding eyelets) to punch holes in the covering where they needed to be.

        Have fun!

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